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Do you know well about Lerio Paradinight?

Do you know well about Lerio Paradinight?


The world of Hunter x Hunter is filled with excitement and wonder. Gon and his friends are some of the best groups of friends, anime fans can ask for, especially Leorio. Do you know well about him? In the post below, we will go over some facts about Lerio Paradinight.


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“I\\’m a simple guy. Figured I\’d become a doctor… so I could cure some kid with the same disease, tell his parents they owed me nothing! Me… A doctor! Now there\’s a joke!! Do you know how much it costs to even try to become a doctor? The mind boggles!! It\’s always about money! Always!! That\’s why I want it!” – Lerio Paradinight.


The series Hunter x Hunter is full of interesting characters, and Leorio is considered one of the most exciting characters. Let’s dive into the following fascinating things you may probably not know about Leorio of Hunter x Hunter.

  1. His last name

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Leorio\\’s last name was never revealed before the Hunter Chairman Election took place. His last name is a combination of two types of warrior, an amalgamation of the word’s “paladin” and “knight.” which suits him very well. Paladins is known for their healing and Leorio wants to become a doctor. He also wants to become a doctor to help the poor which is an action befitting of the name Knight.

  1. His English voice actor in the 2011 version

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His English voice actor in the 2011 version is Matthew Mercer. He is also responsible for many well-known characters, such as Yamato from Naruto Shippuden, Levi from Attack on Titan, Cruel Yatogami from K- project, and so on.

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Yamato from Naruto Shippuden

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Levi from Attack on Titan


  1. His date of birth

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The four protagonists seen above all share a mysterious detail regarding their birthday. Gon’s falls on May 5 (5/5), Killua was born on July 7 (7/7), Kurapika’s birthday is April 4 (4/4) and Lerio’s date of birth is on March 3 (3/3)

His birthday is followed by a Japanese festival Hina matsuri, and it is also the same date that the manga was serialized.


  1. He is a practical person.

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One of Leorio’s reasons for becoming a Hunter is because of financing, but there is a little more to it than that. Leorio knows how imperative money is, seeing he grew up in an impoverished country. In addition, he had a close friend that died from a fatal illness because he didn’t have the money to pay for the operation.

When Leorio becomes a doctor, he plans to work pro-bono so he can help patients who can’t afford medical procedures. Leorio will use the money he makes as a Hunter not only to pay for medical school but also for the medicine and other medical tools required for his patients.

  1. Leorio has some similarities with Togashi\\’s YuYu Hakusho character Kazuma Kuwabara.

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Firstly, both are the tallest members of their respective teams. Secondly, they both use bladed weapons in combat with Kuwabara using his Spirit sword and Leorio using a knife against Hisoka. Moreover, both also get into humorous conflicts with the shortest members of their teams; Leorio with Killua and Kuwabara with Hiei. Their powers are similar: in fact, they both use abilities that can alter space. Furthermore, whereas Kuwabara is a capable sensor, Leorio has developed a technique that can detect other people. Kuwabara strives to get into the best school possible and become more intelligent while Leorio strives to become a doctor.

  1. His Immaturity.

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Despite being the oldest out of the four, Leorio is the most immature. In all fairness, he is still a teenager, but he should still know better. Leorio argues with everyone he encounters.

For example, he is always at odds with Tonpa during the exam arc. It\\’s true that Tonpa is sabotaging them on purpose, but again, Leorio should know better. Ultimately, yelling at Tonpa was not helping matters, nor was it going to hinder him from doing it.


  1. He is really talkative.

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Leorio has one of the most engaging personalities in the anime, but he needs to learn to be quiet. The heroes almost fail the preliminary phase of the exam because he would not stop complaining about the question they were asked.

It’s a good thing Kurapika told Leorio to stop talking, otherwise, they could have failed. There was no correct answer to the question.


That’s some interesting things about Leorio. We hope you were able to learn a few new things about him and if you knew all of these facts already – then congratulations, you’re a hardcore Hunter x Hunter.


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